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Introducing the best-buy algorithm:
  • Firstly, we conduct market research, selecting the Top 100 Collections based on daily trade volume.
  • Next, we analyze each NFT within its respective collection, identifying patterns and unique traits. The rarer the traits, the higher the Rank and Rarity score we assign to the item.
  • Then, we search across various marketplaces for the lowest item's listing Price and calculate its Markup above the collection's floor price.
  • Finally, our algorithm identifies the most potential NFT items based on Rarity and Markup, filtering out less promising options and collating the best ones in one place to present you with a seamless exploration, purchasing, and profit-making experience.
(!) The best-buy report indexes only collections with maximum limit of 15,000 NFTs.
(!) NFT listing prices are updated as close to real-time as possible.
(!) Floor price for each collection is updated at 00:00 - 05:00 UTC.
(!) In this case, the Markup index might be negative as it is calculated as a ratio of the current NFT listing price to yesterday's floor price of its collection.

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