Overworld is a cross-platform multiplayer RPG game project, with the first collection to be released in Q2 2023 under the name of Incarna. The project's Twitter account has been signed by many famous personalities, project founders, influencers, representatives of a16z & DeFiance Capital and other famous funds.

It is being developed together with Xterio https://twitter.com/XterioGames, a company that provides a Game-Fi service. In addition, Xterio has invested 2.5 million dollars in the project itself.

The founder is HeyJeremyHorn and the team is composed of people with extensive experience in creating and promoting games (PUBG, Call of Duty, League Of Legends, Halo).

The project is gaining popularity rapidly, but there is currently no website or Discord of the project available, so we have a chance to be one of the first to attract attention and get WL, any activities are marked with the hashtag #BeWorthy.

  1. Participate in Twitter giveaways.
  2. Show your support and be active on the project's Twitter.
  3. Create content, write threads, make memes.

More information about activities can be found here > https://twitter.com/OverworldPlay/status/1633844651731075073.

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