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Mint Pass Mexico City provides a claim to attend NFT Art CDMX and mint a generative artwork from one of the ten artists that are randomly mapped and revealed to each Mint Pass (0-9). The artists (in alphabetical order) are not yet associated with a unique Artist ID. Artist to Artist IDs revealed mid October 2022. Holders eligible to claim a generative mint attending IRL or remotely. Minting of the generative artwork will be on-chain using the Art Blocks Engine Bright Moments MOMENT contract. 1000 total Mint Pass MPMX. 100 per each artist ID. Royalties pre-artist reveal will be 0%, increasing to 7.5% after the reveal. Mint Pack Purchasers are guaranteed to receive Mint Passes Artist IDs 0 through 9 once the metadata is updated after the conclusion of the sale.

Mexico City Collection Artists, not mapped to Artist IDs / Anna Lucia / DCA / Iskra Velitchkova / Marcelo Soria-Rodriguez / Monica Rizzoli / P1xelfool / Snowfro / Stefano Contiero / William Mapan / Zach Lieberman

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